Seattle Obon, 2014

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Seattle Bon Dance

People participate in Obon dance at Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple, Seattle, WA. By Richard Walker

Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple hosted its 2014 Bon Dance over the weekend. In addition to Bon Odori in the street, there were food vendors and a beer garden out back. A nice slice of life in the summer in Seattle.

Seattle Pride Parade 2014

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Seattle Pride Parade

Two women kiss as a religious group marches down 4th Avenue in downtown Seattle before the start of the 2014 Seattle Pride Parade. By Richard Walker

I’m catching up on the blog here, it’s been a while. I’ll be posting some semi-recent stuff I’ve shot over the months.

I’ll start with an image I made at the 2014 Seattle Pride Parade. Actually, it was before the start of the parade, and a religious group of sorts was making its way down 4th Avenue. Needless to say, they were not popular with the crowd, with many spectators jeering, while others just stared at them blankly.

I noticed up the street a bit, two women walked out to the middle of the road and began to kiss each other as the sign-waving group passed by.

Going downhill…

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Bike car

Two men in a bicycle car ride along Airport Way S in Georgetown, Seattle, during the 2012 Dead Baby Downhill ride.

I’m not one to pass up an epic party. And with my studio/office in Georgetown, Seattle, one of the highlights of the neighborhood is the annual Dead Baby Downhill party.

Epic times, indeed.

bike action

Airport Way S was a blur of cyclists as they rode into the area.


tall bike

The tall bike is, well, a big part of the event.

Georgetown was a wasteland of bicycles.

Bikes were locked to anything and everything.

After the light began to fade, the party got rolling…

BMX rider

A BMX rider catches air off a ramp.

fire on a sidewalk

A fire was set on the sidewalk, adding some drama to a tetherball game…

The best is saved for last… the tall bike jousting…

Bike jousters

Hundreds gathered to witness the spectacle that is tall bike jousting.


Tall bike jousting is pretty wild to watch…


Send in the clowns…

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Seattle clown

A person dressed as a clown on a street corner in Seattle.

Clowns scare me.

Elliott Bay

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The waters of Elliott Bay wash onto the shore near Jack Block Park in West Seattle. Photo by Richard Walker

This grey Seattle morning found me up early and out on my motorcycle. I decided to swing by Jack Block Park in West Seattle.

I liked the contrast between the moody waters of Elliott Bay and the rocky beach.

Carnival in Georgetown

June 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

Captain Flash

2012 June 09 – Captain Flash was out saving unicorns again this year at the Georgetown Carnival.

The Georgetown Carnival has come and gone again. There’s always something to see.

And beer to drink…

Power tool race

Mobs gather to see souped-up power tools race to destruction.

this is a dog

Hey look, there’s a dog in the bushes…

Memorial Day

May 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

Memorial Day cemetery

Memorial Day 2012 at Forest Lawn Cemetery, West Seattle. Photo by Richard Walker

Memorial Day here in West Seattle sees lots of fun in the sun and barbecues, but I thought I’d stop by Forest Lawn Cemetery to see the grave markers decorated with crosses and flags.


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